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プロデューサー:仏国・アレン ラキャーブ

<<国際交流の勧め / Recommendation of international interchange>>  


Do not try to do international interchange and also exchange and correspond with the hobby colleague of "the automobile of the toy" of world every place even, you? The acquisition such as the limitation article of an old out of production article or unimportation interchange with the mania of a foreign country directly, without passing the speciality store of the interior and be a more enjoyable thing even to obtain. One collection gathering 1 unit I think a hobby that be wonderful and simultaneously overseas led who the friend, is possible.

From photograph explanation/A lot of "the toys" the lover of the foreign countries the Christmas card has been sent.

It is Mr. Alain with we Director Tanaka. Two of Mr. Alain Lacave cross in the total 25 year and have continued correspondence. The correspondence start from 5 years later of two faced in the town of Nice-city of France in 1979. As for that time, Director Tanaka was the summer vacation in university 3 rd.

 Photograph explanation/The left side: Mr. Alain. The center: Director Tanaka. The right side: wife Ms. Odile of Mr. Alain.sIt is shooting in July, 1979

<<交流前の重要事項 / Important matter before interchange>>

About the trouble regarding international interchange, this site person concerned does not take responsibility at all. Hopefully top, of a/the consent prudent furthermore I would appreciate friendship.
Please make quick the stand name or booth name that want to see it then.

Notification stand from the collector of world every country

Booth of the collector ALAIN LACAVE (France)

Notification stand from the Merchant of DANIEL ROSAY, France

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