TOOTSIETOYS by Dowst manufacture
4570/Ford T 1914年製
Ford V8 4-doors Sedan
1930's,C.K. made in Japan
DINKY TOYS 27-f/Made in England
Estate Car 1948
DINKY TOYS/Made in France
Buick Road master 1953
MERCURY 28/Made in Italy
Cadillac Eldorado
Ford 1949 Sedan
Ford Vedette 'E' 1949, Dinky Toys 24
made in France
Lincoln Premiere, made in Dinky Toys 532
made in France
Cadillac Sixty Special & Trailer Caravan Matchbox 27 & 23, made in England Plymouth Sedan 1948, Tootsie Toys
made in USA
Ford Sedan 1940, Payro, made in USA  


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