Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1960
Bandai, made in Japan
Jaguar XK140 Roadstar, WesternModels
made in England
Peugeot 402 1935, Dubray-Depose
made in France
Panhard Dyna 130 1953, JEP 7565
made in France
Trabant 2-doors 1989, Vitesse
made in Portugal
Delahye 1933, AR 125, made in France
CIJ/ Made in France, Rdo Rovin NOREV/Made in France,Simca Versailles
NOREV/Made in France
Renault 4Lst-type
DINK Y TOYS 38d/Made in England,Alvis
MERCURY 10/Made in Italy.Fiat 500C DINKY TOYS 176/Made in England
Austin A 105
CORGI TOYS/Made in England
ALPS 2357/Made in Japan
Jaguar XK-140 1955
TEKNO 803/Porsche 356 Coupe
1500cc 1952

Bentley S2 1959,Dinky Toys 194
made in England

Fiat 500, MEBE Toys A-36, made in Italy Volkswagen 1200 1958, Tekno 819
made in Denmark
Austin Devon, Dinky Toys Saloon 1947
made in England
Hillman Minx, Dinky Toys 175
made in England
DKW Junior 1969, Norev-Jetcar 603
made in France
Fiat Mod.4. 1911, Dugu 1
made in Italy

Renault Prairie 1953, CIJ 3/42
by Europarc made in France
Renault 4cv 1955, Tekno 811
made in Denmark
Panhard Dyna Junior 1954, CIJ 3/05
by Europarc, made in France
Fiat 1300 4 doors, KDN
made in Czechoslovakia
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1969
Corgi Toys, made in England
Tatra President 1897, IGRA Toys
made in Czechoslovakia
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1963
SAKURA A-1, made in Japan
James Bonds Aston Martin, Husky Toys
made in England
DKW Auto Union, T.K/Kawaguchi Models
made in Japan
Farina Spider 'ALFA ROMEO 2300'
Mercury 2, made in Italy
Aero Limousine 'PININ FARINA’TO-16
Mercury 1, made in Italy
Volkswagen 5 CV K-D-F, MARKLIN 5521/9
made in Germany
Peugeot 203 Record 1953 Portes Papillon EPOKIT, made in France Vespa 400, QUIRALU, made in France
Porsche 356-A Speed Star, KADO Toys 2
made in Japan
2-seater Coupe, Briten
made in England
Jaguar XK120 Sport & Camping Trailer
WIKING, made in Germany
Bull Nose Morris Cowley, SPOT-ON 266, made in England
Simca Aronde 1956, Dinky Toys 24U
made in France
Jaguar Type E, FUNHO!
made in New Zealand
Simca Vedette Chambord 1958, Dinky Toys 24K, made in France Simca 8 Sports 1950, Dinky Toys 24S
made in France
Boxed set by SOLIDO , made in France Matford Cabriolet Milord & Graham Page
Coupe & BMW Sport, SOLIDO 70,71 and 72
made in France.

Adler Trumpf Junior 1938, P Models #2
made in Switzerland


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